Stellenbosch Tree Challenge 2008

 Ten big ones - Leon’s food

Tree climbing on a warm Saturday in Stellenbosch. This is what Leon Visser of Trees Unlimited did last Saturday in his Born to Climb t-shirt. stbtreechallenge2008 0002aHe climbed up and down 10 trees totaling 358m in height – hanging high above the earth…just to measure them.

“His method of measuring is the most accurate”, explained Brian Bredenkamp, tree specialist and emeritus –professor of the dept of Forest and Wood science at Stellenbosch university. “He officially verified our own measurements”.

The tallest tree in Stellenbosch is a red river gum near the Moslem cemetery – topping 48.1m above ground! Visser also established that the lemon scented gums at Paul Roos Gymnasium are under stress, something he could particularly observe from the top of the tree. He also free climbed the impressive Norfolk pine of 45.1m in front of the Theological seminary in Dorpstreet as it was very bushy to use a rope.

Bredenkamp says Stellenbosch’s two red river gums are South Africa’s newest nominated champion trees: one at Infrutech along Helshoogte rd, and the other at Wilgenhof men’s residence in Ryneveld str.

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